Personal Taxes

Providing Tax Compliance Services including tax planning, return preparation and compliance for Fiduciary Services for private tax clients.

Pam Ortega is a Certified Public Accountant, and as a CPA she maintains regular tax education updates every year. This is important as you can ensure that she is up to date with the changes in the tax system. Pam is personable, patient and proficient at breaking down tax rhetoric into simple understandable language. As part of the her service and dedication heir her clients, she offers a complimentary mid–year tax clinic to provide planning and education for the purpose of maximizing your tax benefit.

  • Accumulate and evaluate data required for preparation of private tax returns.
  • Prepare required fiduciary tax returns and estimated tax payments.
  • Prepare/review required individual tax returns and estimated tax payments
  • Keep abreast of changing tax laws.