Scam Alert


New IRS EMAIL SCAM similar to telephone scam

As we’ve pointed out before, scammers are getting very creative in duping you out of your taxes. These scams can affect anyone, even your own tax preparer! On a personal level, our CPA Pam Ortega was affected when she received a check from the Department of Treasury in her husband and another woman’s name for $10,000. Turns out, her husband SSN was used to file a false return with another woman that had no connection to the family. Three years later, the issues have still yet to be resolved.

Last year the big scam in the news was a telephone scam, where an unknown Washington DC number would call and claim that you owed money. They would quickly ask for a credit card number over the phone a threaten to take legal action if you didn’t. As the IRS quickly released, all communications on previous or current tax returns will be sent by U.S. Post Mail. They will never call or email you.


Pay attention to that latest tidbit, email. This year we’ve already had one client inform us of a threatening email he received on IRS letter head. This particular letter is from a Shawn Williams a taxation attorney with a random Batch Number of No. 213 113. Again this is an IRS EMAIL SCAM. If you call the number listed in the email, you will get a very un-governmental voicemail from a gentlemen who doesn’t even divulge his name.

His is a picture of the IRS email scam:



The IRS email scam letter reads:

Dear Tax Payer,
You have been audited for the Tax year 2012-2013 and already we have tried to reach you through several means, but we haven’t got any response from your side yet.
The amount which you owe for the under payment of the Tax Liability must be rectified immediately to avoid any and all further Legal action/s.
For your convenience we have the most expeditious channel of payment method.
Your first payment must be made within 24 HOURS failure to do so will result in freezing of your Bank account, Garnishing of the Wages and any property or assets you may own.
You may be allowed to make payments on this obligation of yours.
However you must add here to this payment plan otherwise the IRS will proceed with previously mentioned action/s.
If you have any additional concerns please contact me at (814) 254 – 3960.
Officer: Shawn Williams Taxation Attorney Batch No 213 113 (814) 254-3960

Notice some irregularities in this IRS EMAIL SCAM. Beyond the bad grammar and spelling, it never references you by name or business, it doesn’t include any monetary values of what you owe, it doesn’t state what means they’ve tried to contact you by.

Just remember, THE IRS WILL ONLY CONTACT YOU BY US POST MAIL, most time by certified mail if its serious.